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blogapps.dev.java.net approved

It took a bit longer than I expected, but my Blogapps project was just approved on Java.Net. I didn't realize that I had to upload some content for review by the community masters. As soon as I uploaded my code an put up a front page, the project was reviewed and approved.

At the moment, you can only get the Blogapps Java code and you can only get it via CVS. There are Ant built scripts and README files that tell you how to build and run the examples. Next up: some reasonable docs, the C# examples, and a real release. I'll release a build of the examples and the Blogapps demo server (the standalone Roller, JSPWiki Tomcat, and HSQLDB bundle). Here's the project summary:

Blogapps - Useful RSS/Atom examples and utilities

This project hosts the examples and utilities from the Manning Publications book RSS and Atom In Action. These examples and utilities are designed to be useful even if you haven't read the book. They're available under the Apache License 2.0 so you can use the code in your applications and you can modify and redistribute them as you wish (as long as you adhere to the Apache license). We're hosting them here to make it easy to support, maintain and improve them in response to user and reader feedback.

Here's a summary of the current examples and utilities

  • ch02 - BlogPoster: Simple XML-RPC example
  • ch05 - AnyFeedParser: Newsfeed parsing examples and the AnyFeedParser
  • ch06 - FileDepot: Newsfeed generation examples
  • ch07 - BlogClient: Blog client library and MetaWeblog API implementation
  • ch08 - BlogClient2: Atom examples and blog client library implementation
  • ch09 - PlanetRoller: Planet Roller aggregator
  • ch10 - Tapi2opml: OPML Technorati client and OPML example
  • ch11 - Cross poster: posts all items from list of newsfeeds to a blog
  • ch12 - Mail blogger: posts items that arrive in an email inbox
  • ch13 - Blog mailer: emails digest of recent blog posts every 3 days
  • ch14 - Ant blogger: Ant tasks for posting and uploading files to a blog
  • ch15 - Blogbot: IRC chat robot that blogs on command
  • ch16 - FileCaster: simple podcast server with file-upload
  • ex01 - FeedPoster: posts digest of recent blog posts
  • Blogapps Demo Server: Demo blog/wiki server based on Roller/JSPWiki

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