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Blog server as social networking platform?

Anne Zelenka, Gigaom: Could open-source blogging platform WordPress serve as your next social networking profile? Chris Messina, co-founder of Citizen Agency, thinks so. He’s started a project called DiSo, for distributed social networking, that aims to “build a social network with its skin inside out.” DiSo will first look to WordPress as its foundation.

This could be the next step towards the unified social graph that some technologists wish for. WordPress suits the purpose because it provides a person-centric way of coming online, offers an extensible architecture, and already has some features — such as an OpenID and a blogroll plugin — that can be pressed into social networking service. And its users represent exactly the sort of audience that might appreciate the permanent, relatively public identity that DiSo aims to offer.

Interesting. I think that blogs should be the corner-stone of social networking and I'd much rather have my blog be my social network profile rather than some page inside somebody else's container. Then again, as a blog server developer I'm pretty biased.


I agree that blogs will be a huge part (cornerstone, ok, yeah I could buy that) of the social networking experience. Which is a big reason why Roller is a key component of the OpenQabal platform/suite/OS/whatever_you_want_to_call_it. :-) Blogs and URL based identity complement each other nicely, IMO. Some people think URL based identity won't fly because people won't want to remember complicated URLs, but as long as the URL used is kept short and reasonable and is related to something like a blog, I don't see why it would be any worse than remember, say, an email address. Eg, if my blog is foo.example.com and my login is id openid.foo.example.com or maybe foo.example.com/openid, I think people would be OK with something like that. Heck, it could arguably even be just foo.example.com. :-)

Posted by Phillip Rhodes on December 13, 2007 at 06:20 PM EST #

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