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Atom Publishing Protocol, draft #10

APP draft #10 is available. I'm still reading it over, but the major changes appear to be:
  • Categories can be specified at the workspace and collection level. Multiple category schemes are allowed and both fixed and free-form categories (e.g. tags) are allowed.
  • Collection titles are now specified by an <atom:title> instead of an attribute on the <collection> element.
  • A new "slug" header has been added for media posts so that clients can specify the file-name to be used for the uploaded file.
I'm especially happy about the category support -- now Atom protocol can do everything that MetaWeblog API can do, and much more. I'll be updating my client and server implementations during the next week.

I just posted new releases of the Blogapps examples and server, which include an Atom protocol draft #10 client and a server (based on Roller 3.0). You can get the new releases at the Blogapps project on Java.net

Posted by Dave Johnson on September 21, 2006 at 07:16 PM EDT #

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