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@ApacheConEU: Roller and blogs as a web dev. platform

Last week was deadline week for JavaOne and ApacheCon EU presentations, so I was busy. Fortunately for me, other deadlines were postponed, I did some begging for time and I actually had time to take a short vacation; a family reunion at Stone Mountain park, Georgia.

ApacheCon EU is only a couple of weeks away now and it's before JavaOne so I'll tell you about my ApacheCon talk first. My ApacheCon EU talk is a new. The title is "Roller and blogs as a web development platform" and it explains how blogs, planets, wikis and feeds can be automated and integrated. And how Apache Roller can be extended and customized via templates, scripting and plugins. Here's an outline of the talk:

    The self-service web
    With no code at all
    Or with a little...
    Feed based integration
Blog, wiki and feed Web services
    MetaWeblog API, methods and Java examples
    Propono Blog Client and Java example
    Atom Publishing Protocol
    Service Doc, Collections and Entries
    Propono Atom Client and Java example
    Roller Admin Interface
Blog customization via templates
    Template Editor
    Weblog Templates
    Model objects
    Data Model
    Generating JSON for Dojo and screenshot
Blog server customization via plugins
    Which parts of Roller API to use    
    Weblog Entry Plugins and examples
    Page Model Plugins
    Page Rendering & Renderer plugins
    Request Mapping & Request Mapper plugins
    Comment Validator plugins
Example: Scripting languages in Roller
    BSF Renderer plugin
    JRuby via BSF Renderer plugin
    Other Renderer plugins
    Roller admin scripting with Groovy
Planet server aggregation
    What is a Planet server?
    Roller-Planet plans
Use case: Software business blogs
    Blogs in development
    Development Dashboard
    Blogs in Marketing
    Product news & links blogs
    Developer & evangelist blogs
    Blogs in the on-line store
For more information
Q & A


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