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Apache Roller 3.0 (incubating) Release Candidate 1

Finally! Roller 3.0 RC1. Here's the What's New page and here's the mailing-list announcement.

The 3.0 code based has already been in production at a couple of big sites for a couple of weeks now, so it's pretty solid -- but the installation and upgrade process may have some kinks. Plus there are some big Big BIG changes, so please use RC1 for testing only and let us know about the problems on the Roller mailing lists and our JIRA issue tracker.


I think there is something strange with the User Guide pdf
( http://people.apache.org/~snoopdave/roller30-user-guide.pdf )

I can open it and read it but I can't print one of the pages - page 5 - and I can't even copy a single letter from that page.


Best regards
Eyðun Nielsen

Posted by Eyðun Nielsen on September 19, 2006 at 09:07 AM EDT #

A number of people have reported that problem, so I regenerated the PDFs using OpenOffice.org 2.0.3 (I was using the older StarOffice 8). So please try again and let me know if you still cannot print the full docs. You can find the them here: http://people.apache.org/~snoopdave/

Posted by Dave Johnson on September 19, 2006 at 10:56 AM EDT #

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