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Apache Roller 2.3 (incubating) on the way

We're testing release candidates of Roller 2.3, so expect a release in next week or two. This release is a big one because we skipped 2.2, so we've got twice the normal monthly dose of features. You can find a summary of the new features in the What's new in 2.3 wiki page. Here's a screenshot of the new editor page, with the new entry summary field:

Another reason that 2.3 is a big deal is Apache license compliance. This is the first Rolle release shoots for full compliance. We've removed all components from Roller that have licenses more restrictive than the Apache Software License (ASL). That means the Hibernate jars, JSPWiki plugin and Ekit editor-addin must be downloaded separately. You can get the Hibernate jars directly from the Hibernate project or from the new Roller Support project. We've also applied the ASL license header to all files and repackaged our Java code under the package name org.apache.roller.

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