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Akismet support for Roller

This week I've been working on a new feature for Roller called Comment Validators, which makes it possible for Roller site admins to plugin validation rules to be run against comments. If a comment fails validation it is marked as spam, put into the blog's moderation queue and the blog's owner is notified with a list of the reasons that validation failed.

I commited the work to SVN yesterday, so now we've got an excess-size validator that checks for comments larger than a threshold, an excess links validator that checks for comments with too many links and what may be the most useful validator of all the AkismetCommentValidator -- which checks comments against the Akismet anti-spam service. I'm not sure how stable the Roller trunk is right now, but I decided to risk a deploy so now this blog is protected by Akismet.

Update 1: Yowza. The site crashed last night and after a little googling, I think I may have run into a Hibernate bug (HH-1579). I turned on the JVM -server option. Let's see how that goes.

Update 2: The JVM -server flag seems to fix the Hibernate problem. I wrote a note about the problem on the roller-dev mailing-list just in-case somebody else runs into it.


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