Controversy sells.

You say Tomcat is crap, I say it is not, you say .Net rocks, I say you've got the borg in your belly, and the hits come rolling in (no pun intended).

Castor OIL is back.

Castor OIL, the GUI tool for creating Castor JDO mappings from existing database tables, has been brought back to life by Peter Kasson. It was originally written by Lance Lavandowska and donated to the Castor project.[Bruce Synder on the castor-dev mailing list]

As you can see below, Castor OIL takes a different approach than JDOMapper.
  • Reads database and creates Castor mapping properties.
  • Writes mapping.xml from Castor mapping properties.
  • Reads mapping.xml and creates Castor mapping properties.
  • Writes java source for each element in mapping.
Using the terms I discussed in my Java persistence frameworks post, Castor OIL supports a bottom-up development approach. The JDOMapper comes close to supporting the top-down approach, but it falls short because it does not generate a database schema (DDL).

JDO Mapper.

I like the XDoclet approach to generating Castor mappings, but this new GUI from Shelly Mujtaba looks pretty cool.

JDOMapper provides a user interface for creating Castor JDO mapping files. The application allows user to import Java classes and map them to an Relational schema . The tool performs series of validations to ensure that classes and fields are correctly mapped. Existing mapping files can also be imported into the tool. [JDOMapper]

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