Check those stats.

If you haven't checked the FreeRoller statistics lately, perhaps you should. FreeRoller responded to 702,015 requests for the month of November! I think we should break a million requests per month within a couple of months. [Anthony Eden]

Very cool! The first Roller site (mine) went live on June 8 of this year and now thanks mainly to Anthony there are over 250 Roller-based webloggers out there. If you use FreeRoller, please help Anthony pay for the bandwidth.

Struts on Slashdot.

There is a very complementary review on Slashdot today of the Manning Press Struts in Action book.

Referer log nugget.

The link below showed up in my referer logs today. I sure would like to read that document, but, alas, it appears to be behind the iPlanet firewall. It looks like somebody is suggesting that Roller or some part of the Roller architecture could be used in the iPlanet portal. Way cool!

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