I really missed the point of that InternetWeek article yesterday. Oracle is not ready to ditch JDeveloper. They are joining Eclipse.ORG because they want to push their new Java Specification Request (JSR-198) that standardizes the way that tools plug-in to an IDE.

Oracle sees the possibility of the Eclipse dominates scenario and wants to try to ensure that Eclipse does not become the universal tools platform. JSR-198 attempts to level the playing field for IDEs in the plugin tools space.

Memory usage improvements.

I made a couple of changes in the Roller 0.9.7-dev codebase to address memory usage:

  1. There is now one and only one instance of the Roller business-tier implementation object RollerImpl instead of one per session.
  2. Many calls to getSession(true) were removed and now the RssServlet no longer creates a session.
  3. Velocity template caching has been turned back on, but I'm really not sure why leaving it off (apparently) ate so much memory.
#1 and #3 can be easily backported to Roller 0.9.6.X so FreeRoller can take advantage of them. My site now seems to be using memory at a much more reasonable pace now and I've survived 24 hours with max heap size set to -Xmx64m.

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