RTP Bloggers Lunch.

28% of the attendees were Roller users ;-)
The RTP Bloggers' November Lunch was held today at El Dorado and attended by John Beimler, Joe Gregorio, Dave Johnson, Bruce Loebrich, Andy Oliver, Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby. It would have been a gold mine of ideas for Scott Adams, as conversation quickly gravitated around past work experiences. There was surprisingly little talk of weblogs, standards or even the internet until late in the lunch when discussion turned to topics such as the whats and whys of aggregation, why or even if RSS standards matter. Radio backups to RSS and referrer spam. As always, if you live in the Triangle area of North Carolina, have a blog and think this sounds at all interesting, just send an email to get an invite for next month. [Bruce Loebrich]

Carlos on SWT vs. Swing and IDEA 3.0

One other observation, is that IDEA can be more innovative on the GUI side, that's because Swing is definitely more maleable than SWT. SWT may be fast, however Swing is more agile, and just possibly with all these 2Ghz machines and up, it just won't matter.[Carlos Perez on SWT vs. Swing and IDEA 3.0]
This is a good point. I'm a GUI guy at heart and I've worked extensively with Swing. I really like it and Carlos is right, it is very flexible and extensible. With faster and faster processors and more and more memory, the performance problems with Swing will become less and less apparent.

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