Roller update.

FreeRoller seems to have stabilized, we've fixed a bunch of bugs, and I've branched Roller 0.9.6 so we can start with Roller 0.9.7 dev in the main line. I'm planning on releasing Roller tomorrow.

Rotor 1.0.

Sam Gentile announced the release of Rotor 1.0 today. Rotor is a Microsoft implementation of the Dot-Net Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and C# that is released in source code form for Windows XP, Mac OSX, and FreeBSD. Note that the Rotor license is NOT open source. If you want an open source implementation of the Dot-Net technologies, look at Mono which is licensed under GPL and LGPL.

The dot-Net perspective.

Cedric Beust pointed out that the Win Tech Off-Topic mailing list has been discussing recent J2EE vs. .Net benchmarks. I wanted to get the .Net perspective too, so I joined the Win Tech Off-Topic Yahoo Group to take a look. As you would expect, the Microsoft fans have a different view of the benchmarks than us Java bloggers.  I found no great revelations, but reading the thread was somewhat entertaining.  It went something like this:
  • Wow, what an ass whoopin
  • Yep and one of those $40,000 app servers crashed!
  • Rickard says the benchmarks were a scam
  • Who the hell is Rickard, why would you trust a dreambean?
  • Rickard is an expert, I would trust him more than The Server Side
  • Rickard and The Register and anti-microsoft conspiracy nuts
  • Lots of talk about the "appeal to authority" argument
  • Lots of talk about whether the nickname "M$" is hate speech or not
  • The benchmark was flawed, .Net and J2EE performance are similar
  • Price/performance favors .Net because the app server is free with the OS
  • Look at that anti-Microsoft stuff on Russell Beattie's site, that guy is sick!
Just as rambling and crazy as any thread you'd find on The Server Side. I guess that is why they call it "off-topic." Why do I waste my time like this?  I should have bypassed that and turned my attention first to Ted Neward's nicely balanced article on the topic: The Petstore...Again.

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