Congratulations Matt and Julie!

I knew there was something up when I saw no posts yesterday. Matt and Julie are now the proud parents of a truly beautiful little baby girl. Big welcome to Abigail Grace Raible! I'm wishing y'all a baby who cries little and sleeps a lot. My wife's advice to you is to enjoy these first weeks and months because they seem to go so quickly. She also advises you to do whatever your wife tells you to do quickly and without complaint.


It is funny how the (hopefully) final release of Roller 0.9.6 today coincided with the release I've been working on at my day job. I really did not want these things to happen at the same time, but as they say when it rains it pours. Either nothing happens, or everything happens all at once.

Both releases took longer than expected and stretched out over a busy and stressful two month period. During that time I lost some wonderful co-workers to a "reduction in force," moved into a cramped new office, moved again into a larger new office, was threatened with a law-suit, got a promotion, and lost my favorite boss to Microsoft.

I really can't complain. I still have a job, I still enjoy it, and I would much rather be busy than bored. On top of that, I have an awesome family and a wife that understands my geekly obsessions - as long as I have a baby in my lap. I'm not going to complain. I'm going to take some time to regroup, think about what I have learned, and hope for some more busy months.


A new bug-fix release of Roller is now available on Roller's SourceForge download site. No new features have been introduced since the original Roller 0.9.6 release, but a bunch of bugs have been fixed.

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