Triangle Dot-Net Users Group.

Last time I checked, it appeared that the Triangle Dot-Net Users Group was stillborn. But now, Tri-NUG appears to be cookin'. Recent speakers included Jeff Prosise and Jeffrey Richter, names I remember well from the bad old days of MFC and Windows API.

Eclipse tour de force.

The RTP Websphere Users Group meeting meeting tonight was great. Eclipse Product Manager John Kellerman gave an excellent talk on Eclipse and covered the Eclipse history, philosophy, capabilities, plugin architecture, and future plans. He went into great detail in his presentation and in his demo before he ran out of time. I've been using Eclipse heavily, both at home and at work, for over a month now and he was still able to point out lots of features that I had not even noticed. Great stuff. Go IBM!

RTP-WUG Eclipse presentation tonight!

Those in the Triangle area, don't forget the Eclipse presentation at the Websphere Users Group meeting tonight.

Carlos on Roller 0.9.6

Carlos likes the new Roller start page and suggests a much needed enhancement: a spellchecker. Also, Carlos noticed that cut-and-paste do not work in the Ekit HTML editor. You can fix that by putting the ekitapplet.jar in your JRE's lib/ext directory so that it is trusted and thereby allowed to cut-and-paste.

Wow, freeroller has been upgraded! I love the latest front page. . Finally, I can see at a glance which webblogs have a lot of viewership. As expected Rickard's one is on the top of the list. Speaking about improvements to Roller, I saw the otherday Jazzy an LGPL spellchecker written in Java. oh no...looks like this editor blew away what I was writing, furthermore, cut and paste doesn't seem to work.[Carlos E. Perez]

I'm not sure why Ekit blew away Carlos' writing, but I have noticed that the Java plugin can be pretty unstable. On my work machine, Mozilla locks up just about every other time I post with Ekit but on my home machine (same OS, same JVM, and same Mozilla versions) I never see this problem.

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