Where the hell is the RSS feed?

Aslak: I have moved my blog: http://rinkrank.blog-city.com/
Brett: And where the hell is the RSS feed?

Good question. It appears that blog-city does not support RSS. I think Aslak is just afraid of having a blog that is powered by Java and XDoclet ;-)

Halloween season.

After a couple of weeks in the 80s and 90s, it finally feels like fall here in Raleigh and now we are enjoying a beautiful fall weekend. The State Fair has started and my driveway is covered with thick layer of acorns. Today we took the boys over to the Vollmer Farm in Bunn, NC. The Vollmer family opens up the "back 40" during October. They have hay rides, trike races, horseback riding, a pumpkin slingshot, two corn-field mazes, and a 40 foot underground sack slide. The farm is about 40 minutes from Raleigh. It is great fun for the younguns, but make sure you pack a lunch because the chow line can be pretty long.

Cocoon at the JUG, Eclipse at the WUG.

The Triangle Java Users Group (JUG) and the RTP Webshere Users Group (WUG) have a couple of interesting meetings lined up. At the JUG meeting on Monday night (Oct. 21), Conrad D'Cruz and Andrew Oliver will present an Introduction to Cocoon 2.0. CORRECTION: The very next night Next week at the WUG meeting, John Kellerman (the Product Manager of WebSphere Studio Workbench) will be giving a full presentation and demo of Eclipse. Here are links to more meeting information:

Cocoon at the JUG: Monday Oct. 21, 2002
Triangle JUG: http://www.trijug.org/meetinginfo.jsp

CORRECTION: Eclipse at the WUG: Tuesday Oct. 29, 2002
RTP WUG: http://www.rtpwug.org/meetings.html

I wish I could give you permanent links to these talks, but the JUG does not provide permanent links to meeting info until after the meeting has occured. The WUG doesn't even keep old meeting info online. Don't the webmasters realize that an UG without permamently linkable knowledge of it's history is like a tree without roots?

The problem with HTML.

Charles Miller has written a useful piece on the state of HTML, XHTML1, and XHTML2 with pointers to more info and interesting opinions on the topic. I feel like I've been almost totally out of touch with this stuff. I need to do some reading and not just the frenetic blog scanning that normally counts as reading for me.

One of the main reasons that I started working on Roller was to learn how to develop a webapp on both the server and client side. As an app server developer, I know the app server side of things like the Servlet API and J2EE, but on the client-side sometimes I feel pretty lost. I need to take a break from the Roller server-side and learn how to give the Blogging Roller site a serious markover.


NBML is vaporware isn't it? I can't find it anywhere.

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