Final features before 0.9.6

Roller's RssServlet now supports RSS 2.0. By default, Roller spits out RSS in the Radio style with escaped HTML content in the description element and no content element. If you pass an excerpts=true request parameter to the servlet, then it spits out RSS in Movable Type style (or is that Pilgrim style?) with a short excerpt of the content in the description element and the full content in the content tag. Thanks to Mark Pilgrim for the RSS 2.0 template.

Also, Roller now includes current day referer, page hit, and RSS hit tracking. There is a new page in the Editor UI that diplays referers in a page-able table and there is a macro for displaying the top N referers on your page. You can see the output of the macro on the bottom right of this page. I'm not sure if this is enough to earn me a Dave Rules!, but it is equivalent to the referer ranking functionality that you get with Radio.

Final release of 0.9.6 is imminent.

McCain on SNL.

Senator John McCain hosted Saturday Night Live last night and played a role in just about every skit. McCain did a great job playing the role of gruff-voiced Attorney General John Ashcroft. One of his lines was something like this: "we will not be safe until every American has a barcode tatooed on his neck and a chip in this foreheard that responds to this remote control." The Ashcroft wig was spot-on as well.

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