Number of units sold

I think number of units sold is a big factor in the Dave on software curve. If you have sold hundreds of thousands or millions of units of your software then you have the resources to fix lots of bugs, do usability studies, write a really nice installer, etc. You also have the motivation to do do things right the first time because one irritating bug can cause a tremendous number of tech support calls.

Speaking of quality.

I was not really happy with the quality of my writing on last night's Dave on software post. My writing sounds crazy and rambling. I actually pulled the story a couple of times to try to fix it. Then I realized two things. Firstly, the story had already been cached by my reader's RSS aggregators. And secondly, like it or not, "crazy and rambling" is my own personal style and I shouldn't try so hard to hide that.

Continuing on the quality theme: Rebelutionary noticed a Roller bug. Roller's RSS syndicator does not expand macros in weblog entries. That is now issue ROL-64.

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