It worked

and I'm back from work. I'm taking a break before going out to dinner with the little guys. Andi is taking the littlest guy out with her friends.

I'm reading the Java weblogs and finding that the topic of persistece frameworks is up again. I think it is interesting that Rebelutionary writes about OFBiz and it's generic data objects at about the same time that Russell is writing about what seems like the polar opposite of that: having to repeat field names in DDL, SQL, DAO classes, EJB mappings, form beans, and JSPs.

Off to work.

I've got to go into work today to wrap up a demo I've been working on and to help a sales engineer prepare for an important demo next week. I like it when a little bit of work can have a big impact - assuming of course that everything works. In this case, that is a big assumption.

Blogging is difficult

Blogging Roller made blogging easy for me
I'd just blog about Roller and related stuff

I hoped I that eventually, I would find my way to other voices
But blogging is difficult: I've got rules in the back of my mind
Don't blog about politics and start argumemts
Don't blog about family and day-to-day life, that'll bore people
Don't blog about work, because your employer may be reading
Censor yourself!

The bloggers that I enjoy reading are the ones that break these rules
I can't enjoy blogging unless I start breaking some of these rules

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