Instant blogging

That was fast. Is this blogging or instant messaging? Thanks for the heads-up on Anthony Eden, I'll email him as soon as my mail-server comes back up.

Big Daddy

Something my grand-dad used to say was:
   Once upon a time a goose drank wine and a 
   monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line.
Thanks to the net, I now know that it was a jump-rope rhyme from around 1900. Big Daddy was born in 1911.


The Xulux (pronounced zoolooks) project is gathering steam. Its going to be an ASF licenced open source XUL framework. The aim is to simplify the development of rich/thick clients [by] using XUL to define more traditional, rich user interfaces. The XUL can then be transformed into HTML / DHTML / JavaScript for old HTML browsers such as IE while still supporting rich in XUL browsers such as Mozilla or Flash (thanks to ZULU). So the aim is to build a HTML, Swing and SWT clients for XUL as well as a server side framework for developing XUL applications. James Strachan on XULUX
Very cool. Time to learn XUL.

Brett and Mike

With those aussies bloggin' like madmen (and I mean that in the nicest way possible), I barely need to surf the web for myself anymore. Don't slow down guys.

Open source Java directory

O'Reilly has started up an Open Source Java Directory - this is something that is really needed in the J2EE world, but sadly it looks very poorly implemented. I've been saying this should exist for a while now. Freshmeat is just too non Java (apologies - FM is cool, but if you're just looking for Java stuff it's a pain in the ass). I tried to convince Floyd at The ServerSide to create a directory but was sadly rebuffed. I hope it improves. Mike Cannon-Brooks
Try the DMOZ Open Directory's Java category. DMOZ lists both open source and commercial products and lists the license of each (GNU, BSD-like, commercial, etc.). And Mike: last time I checked, Open Symphony projects were not listed there either.

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