Mark Pilgrim has made his wildly popular 30 days to more accessible weblog into an online book at diveintoaccessibility.org. What a great resource. I wish I had been following along and implemented his recommendations because now it's basically just a big to-do list for me and my site.

The other Trove

"is a library of useful classes that is used by Tea and the TeaServlet. Trove includes the Class File API, the Logging API and a set of utility classes." The HttpClient looks pretty useful.

DMOZ as an open source Java directory

It's nifty but not really that useful to me, and besides - noone goes to DMOZ Mike Cannon-Brookes
True, DMOZ does not store the right meta-data to make it into a truly useful open source Java directory. We need all open source Java projects to register themselves into something like SourceForge's Trove, but more Java oriented. And, I think you are right - few people go to DMOZ even though it is the directory that is built into Google.

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