Yet Another MVC Framework

I've been taking a little time to read about WebWork as an alternative to Struts. I've been googling around for information, and I have not come up with a whole lot. I found a post by the Struts master, some evangelism, and the WebWork docs on some dodgy server somewhere. I found the most informative summary of WebWork on the Barracuda site:
WebWork - WebWork is a web application framework for J2EE. It is based on a concept called "Pull HMVC" (Pull Hierarchical Model View Controller). The basic idea is to separate the site programmers' and site designers' tasks.

It has a small API and easy to use tag library in order to make it as easy to use as possible. It supports the notion of actions that are just JavaBeans. This means that they have setX() methods for incoming parameters, an execute() method to perform the action, and getX() methods to retrieve the result data. This ensures that all actions only contain the code that is required to perform the logic.

The tag library has also adopted this philosophy. They only provide tags to extract and iterate over the result data so that formatting the output as HTML, WAP, or what ever is as straight forward as possible.

If you've got pointers to WebWorks articles, postings, threads, etc. please send me a couple.

Back to work

I returned to work today after two wonderful weeks of paternity leave. I still have one week of leave remaining, but I have a bug list a mile long, a deadline looming, and a product that is screaming for release after 18 months of development. I need to get back to work. Things might get a little slow around here for a couple of days.

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