Karl wants to try Roller. With his content management background, he might have some cool ideas for the Roller roadmap.

Hypothetical question

If your president did not know the meaning of the word hypothetical would you think that he is an idiot? I can read your mind. You are thinking that 1) I should not talk politics on this weblog and 2) I had better shut-up before I am declared an enemy combatant.

WebGain followup

From an article on CNET. Apparently Oracle bought only TopLink and left the rest of the WebGain products to rot in the hot sun while the (Oracle, Sun, etc.) buzzards circle overhead. Also, Rogers Caldenhead pointed out this ominous part of the CNET article:
On Tuesday, the parking lot at WebGain's Santa Clara, Calif., headquarters was empty and the entrance to the building was locked.

Issues in Struts Adoption

Interesting article on Struts by by Harry Rusli and John Yu.

More on WebWork

Mike has responded with a nice little write-up of WebWork. This is the point that I find most interesting:
Not tied to the web - WebWork (despite it's unfortunate name!) is not tied to the web at all. As I said, we use it as a general purpose command framework within our application. There is also a ClientAction which allows you to run any action over RMI. There is a project to tie SOAP into WebWork at a very low level.

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