Kattare ROCKS!

If you've been following Blogging Roller for long, you know what a terrible time I had with CQHost, my previous Servlet ISP.  CQHost was cheap at $12.50 per month, but the technical support was terrible, the server manager software was broken, and the Servlet engine spent more time down than up.  After a week or so of constant server crashes and daily trouble-tickets, CQHost actually blamed my Roller software for the crashes and I knew it was time to leave.

I had been following a thread on Servet ISPs at the Java Lobby, so I already had a short-list of ISP alternatives.  Luckily, Kattare was on that list.  After reading the rave reviews of Kattare in the Servlets.COM ISP list, I signed up for Kattare's Level 3.1 plan for $29 per month.  The plan includes 100mb storage, 4 mailboxes, private Tomcat JVM, MySQL, FTP/SCP, Telnet/SSH, and lots more.

Kattare had me up and running in hours and they answered my every question with a thoughtful and informative reply.   Their systems are fast, well configured, and stable.  Roller has been running at Kattare for a week now and I have have not experienced one server crash, outage, or other inconvenience.   So, if you are looking for a place to host your Roller-based weblog (or any other webapp) look no farther than Kättare Internet Services.

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