My company

In light of the current economic conditions and layoffs in the Triangle area, I have a shorter wish list for my company. I want my company to be...
  • One that continues to pay my salary

Happy birthday USA

I'm going to hold off on Roller 0.9.4 for now. I want to fix a couple of bugs before I do another release and I want to enjoy the 4th.

Monkey Time

Surely you remember our national motto: E Pluribus Unum. "Out of many, one." Beautiful, isn't it? Its origins go back to that magical day -- July 4, 1776 -- when Congress not only approved the Declaration of Independence, but also commissioned John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin to design an official seal for the new country. Their first design included the famous phrase that became our official motto.

There is just one small problem, however.

E Pluribus Unum isn't our national motto anymore.

Todd "Monkey Time" Mormon, Godless Capitalists, Patrick Henry and Politics as Distraction, Spectator Online. Somebody get that man a weblog.

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