Extreme Command-Line Bigot

Surfing around tonight I found that the #8 link on blogdex was a list of weblogs presented by the Guardian. After noticing with delight that Be Blogging was one of the half-dozen tech blogs on the list, I followed the link to Corante: The Bottom Line and found this little gem:
It is probably true that the corporate scandals would not have happened had the graphical user interface not been invented, limiting the use of computers to people who deal with command lines
I'm not sure I agree with that, but I like the argument and I'll be back to Corante.


So far, the most worthwhile application that I have found for my Roller weblogging software has been the DaveAndi weblog. DaveAndi is a password protected weblog for family and friends who are intested in knowing what is going on with new baby Leo. I'm not going to share the password with you because 1) you'd be bored to tears and 2) it ain't none of your business.

Rusty knows RSS

While fixing my little RSS bug, I started looking for an alternative to the Jakarta Commons Digester RSS classes. I did not find an alternative, but I did find this nice little write-up of RSS and RSS 0.9.1 vs. RSS 1.0 by Elliote Rusty Harold. Now, why can't I find Rusty's RSS feed?

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