CQHost just scored a point.  They fixed my MySQL account. Now, on to the business of intalling Roller.

I've been looking for weblogs that cover Java and J2EE and not finding much.  So, I was happy to find out about Rebelutionary and even happier to find the rebel talking about J2EE weblogging software.  Here is what the he had to say:

Sam Ruby pointed to me and advised checking out Roller. It looks light a good start, and I might try hacking on it. I like client side blogs though, and it seems very server side. Perhaps embedding Jetty in Roller, and communicating via XML-RPC with Charles Miller's RCS implementation would be an interesting project (basically we could recreate Radio using Open Source Java technologies). I wonder if Dave Winer would like that very much.

Rebelutionary is right, all the parts for building a pure-Java Radio knockoff are out there.  For example, you could start with the Netbeans Platform (just the framework, not the IDE), embed the Tomcat Servlet-engine/web-server to run Roller, integrate the JOE Outline editor, add Jython scripting, add the Hypersonic SQL database, throw in the Xindice XML database for good measure, and include the all-important ability to publish a static site via FTP. Sounds like fun.  The type of fun that would make my beautiful wife want to kill me.

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