CQHost has been responsing to my trouble tickets within 24 hours, fixing my problems, etc. Their ServerManager is sufficient, and they use the Resin servlet engine.  This is all good.

Unfortunately, I am still not able to get Roller going on CQHost.  If I try to run a simple Struts example, Resin seems to choke - halfway through Servlet generation.  For some odd reason CQHost is using the "experimental snapshot 040302" version of Resin.  I suspect that my problems are cause by a bug in that snapshot and have asked CQHost to upgrade to the latest stable version of Resin 2.1.1.

Hi Mike, nice to meet you.  Mike says that Tomcat is crap.  His earlier comments on WebSphere and Weblogic seem to be right on the money, so I wonder what his specific reasons are for bashing the cat. 

The only two open source Servlet 2.3 servers that I know about are Tomcat and Jetty, so I wonder how they compare.  Tomcat is totally embeddable too.  A quick google search did not turn up anything useful.

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