Bootchart for Solaris

That looks very cool.

The other analyst

Turns out, one of the "other analysts" that Michael Signer spoke of was a blogger named James Governor. In the comments to my previous post, James writes:

"actually it was me. i got a quick email from Michael and gave him a rapid response. its pretty harsh to accuse him of making the idea up if he attributed it to an analyst. Basically i felt that you are doing good work with Roller, and engaging with Sun customers, but that Sun itself has said basically not much about the future of the product at all. Michael had heard a sniff of an open source splash and is looking for ideas. i have not got the inside skinny, but i could easily imagine Sun "packaging" the Roller and open source news, or changing the license. or something. Either that or open sourcing some other JES componentry. Feel free to set the record straight. What are Sun's plans for Roller?"

James, I assumed that he was making things up because he was so far off base. How could he not know that Roller is already open source? Development is done on a public CVS server, issue tracking is public, and discussions happen on public mailing lists, blogs, and the Roller wiki.

James asks that I "set the record straight" and "what are Sun's plans for Roller?" I'm not going to discuss Sun's future product plans or announcements, but my personal plan is to make Roller the best possible platform for blogging, collaboration, and community building. If you want to know how that plan is going, watch me work.

News flash: Roller to be OPEN SOURCE!

Sun Readies Open Code, Michael Singer: "Other analysts say Sun could also open source its enterprise blogging application, named Roller. While the platform began its life as an open source project, before Sun hired its founder David Johnson, the company has not given the software the full on corporate treatment since he joined."
I don't believe those "other analysts" actually exist, this guy is just talking out of his, uh, never mind. I guess I need to set the record straight. First, Roller is and has always been open source. The version of Roller we use at Sun is the same one that you can download from the Roller project site at Java.Net in either source code or binary form. Second, I'm not interested in the "full on corporate treatment" -- I'm a married man.

SixApart to buy LiveJournal?

That is big news. I did not realize that, a blogging service with 5.5 million bloggers, is based on open source software. It will be interesting to see how this develops. Will SixApart work to foster the continued development of the open source LiveJournal software or will it instead focus harvesting paying users for it's TypePad service?

Shorts weather

It's cold in Denver, but we're enjoying some local warming here in Raleigh. It's so warm, in fact, that the kids all wore shorts today to school. I'm working out on the porch today.

Why your JavaOne talk was rejected

Casey Cameron explains the common pitfalls of JavaOne proposals. You have until January 31 to submit your proposal.

Back to work

I spent most of the break working on the book and now it's time to get back to Roller. Bugs have been trickling in from Plus, Matt and Rick over at Javalobby upgraded JRoller to Roller 1.0RC2 last week and that shook loose a couple of bugs. So, now there's a short list of bugs that should be fixed before Roller 1.0 final. Thanks to everybody who has helped out by reporting bugs.

DOS attack

This site is under what appears to be a DOS attack from Of course, it could just be a script kiddie trying to write his first email address harvester. I've notified my ISP, his ISP, and added a quick and dirty IP ban filter.

Monitoring wikis worldwide

Newsfeed search engines like Technorati, Feedster, and PubSub make it easy to monitor blogs and news sites. You can subscribe to a search newsfeed to be alerted whenever a blog entry or news items matches your search criteria. But how do you monitor all of the wikis of the world? The newsfeed search engines don't monitor wiki recent changes newsfeeds, or do they? 

I googled and turned up some wiki pages on InterWikiSearchEnginesDiscussion and UnifiedRecentChanges.  Looks like there is plenty more work to be done in this area.

Happy New Year 2005!

Here's to a better year than last, peace, love, and understanding.

Filtered feeds

David Edmondson is doing some cool things with filtered feeds on Planet Sun, which uses the Python-based open source Planet software. He's using blog entry category meta-data to produce filtered feeds for Java, Linux, Netbeans, Security, and Solaris.

Roller 1.0 status

I'm doing what I can to help folks with Roller 1.0RC2 issues this week, but I'm not doing any substantial work on Roller. I'm using the Winter break to work full-time on Blogs, Wikis, and Feeds in Action, so the 1.0 release will have to wait until the new year. The good news is, although there are some bug reports rolling in (pun always intended), Roller 1.0 has been running very well at

See, Scoble is safe

Bill Gates on blogs: "It's all about openness [...] People see them as a reflection of an open, communicative culture that isn't afraid to be self-critical"

Addicted to Eclipse

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm addicted to Eclipse. I'm hooked on the auto-import and auto-fix stuff that automatically imports the classes I need, adds missing methods needed to implement interfaces, and declares missing variables, fields, and even classes. And I'm hooked on the CVS client that gives me a clear view of every single file I have modified in my workspace, every incoming change, and makes it easy to override-and-commit or override-and-update. Netbeans 4.0 has come a long, long way from the old 3.X series and Creator is just awesome for JSF, but 4.0 is still not good enough to pull me away from Eclipse. There, I said it.

Unfortunately, Eclipse for Solaris/X86 is linked to Motif which makes it nearly unusable so I end up using Netbeans for most of they day, only switching to Eclipse when I need to synchronize with CVS. I actually blew a Saturday afternoon trying to get Eclipse 3.1 to build on Solaris/X86 linked to GTK. I failed, but only because I ran out of time.

Skip the pitch

Jim Grizanzio, OpenSolaris Community Manager: "I spent nine painful years pitching messages in PR. But I'm out now, and I have a different perspective. Why must everything be a pitch to deliver a message no one believes? And why pitch bloggers? Why perpetuate the bad PR that the PR industry so richly deserves? Why not simply read blogs to understand the issues and the communities trying to interact with a company. And why not simply blog right along with those communities and join the conversation? In other words, skip the pitch."
Jim is commenting on Fortune Magazine's recent article Why There's No Escaping The Blog.

Help the earthquake/tsunami victims

CNN is reporting that the death toll is now > 20,000 and the US is sending $4,000,000. That's not enough. You can help by contributing here: American Red Cross - Credit Card Contribution.

Update: Reuters reports the US is pledging $15,000,000.

Happy holidays

I hope you and yours are having a nice winter holiday. We had a great Christmas here with way too many toys, wonderful food, and lots of family around. Transformers and Imaginex toys rule this house now. We didn't get a white christmas here, we never do, but tomorrow we may get 2 to 4 inches of snow. That's close enough for the kids.

Syndicate: NYC, May 17-18, 2005

A whole conference devoted to content syndication, it's IDG's Syndicate. (Via Doc Searles.)

Friday photo

I've been experienting with taking closeups with my new Canon Powershot S500 camera and with Flickr's MetaWeblog API support.

Made the switch to Firefox on Mac OS X

Thanks to Microsoft, I finally made the switch to Firefox on my Powerbook. I'm totally addicted to clicking links with the wheel-mouse button to open them in new tabs. Firefox does that by default on my platforms (Solaris x86, Linux, and Windows XP), but for some odd reason, on Mac you have to map the wheel button to be a "Control Click" rather than just a click. I couldn't do that until I downloaded the appropriate Microsoft Intellipoint mouse drivers.

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