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Apache Roller 2.3 (incubating) is available for download

06.02.2006 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Apache Roller 2.3-incubating is now available via the Apache incubator. For more information about the release see What's New in Roller 2.3 on the Roller wiki. This is a new release, but the Roller 2.3 codebase has been in use for over a month at a number of production sites, including and this site. Here are direct links to the download files:

Note that we no longer use the wiki for the user and installation guides. Instead, we're using OpenOffice format and generating HTML and PDF versions of these two documents. Here are links to the latest docs for Roller 2.3.

Please report bugs and enhancement requests to Roller's JIRA-based issue tracker.

NOTE: Roller is in the Apache Incubator, but this release is not an official release of or endorsed by the Apache Software Foundation. Roller itself is licensed under the Apache license v2.0, but requires some components that have more restrictive licenses (i.e. Hibernate).

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