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Wisdom of Twitter: Wave's impact on enterprise collab

Wondering how Google Wave will impact the enterprise collaboration market? Look no further than the great collected wisdom of Twitter. Given that X equals Lotus Notes, Microsoft Sharepoint or Microsoft Exchange we have:

  • #googlewave will be major competition for X
  • #googlewave will drive positive change in X
  • #googlewave is X 2.0
  • #googlewave is X done right
  • #googlewave is X for 2009
  • #googlewave is X for 2010
  • #googlewave looks like X on the web
  • #googlewave is what X never became
  • #googlewave is the final nail in the coffin of X
  • #googlewave will destroy X
  • #googlewave will kill X, death to X!
  • #googlewave flatters X by imitation
  • #googlewave is just hosted version of X
  • #googlewave is a custom version of X, good for SEO

How can industry analysts survive with people giving away this stuff for free?