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USDA Enterprise IT Solutions: Blogging

While reading the feeds the other day, I was delighted to see that the USDA IT department offers support for Apache Roller within the agency, below are the options. Wordpress MU is also supported.

Enterprise Solutions (NITC): Software As A Service

NITC offers a full service Blogging software service that can provide enhanced internal and external communication among management, operational and business staff, and the public. When this service is integrated into a web application, posted information is shared in a chronological fashion that delivers a high level of feedback and end-user interaction.

  What's Included

  • Apache Roller Weblog™ or Wordpress MU™ software
  • Apache Roller Weblog
    - Multi-node, highly available architecture
    - Production and non-Production environment
    - USDA eAuthentication protection available
    - Customizable “theme” packs, including standard USDA templates
    - User Accounts for site administration / content authoring
  • Wordpress MU™
    - Multi-node highly available solution
    - Production and non-Production environment
    - Optional “add-ons” to add additional functionality to blogs
    - Customizable CSS-based themes
    - RSS Feeds

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