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Scaling Agile with C/ALM

IBM Rational has just released a 64-page book on Collaborative Application Life-cycle Management (C/ALM) that explains in detail how Rational's Jazz-based tools fit together to support the full software development and delivery life-cycle.

You can get the book at InfoQ. Registration is required (and free):

Scaling Agile with C/ALM
by Carolyn Pampino, Erich Gamma and John Wiegand
cover of book

I'm finding this book very useful because I'm still coming up to speed with Jazz and Jazz's notion of "Data integration via linked artifacts across repositories using RESTful interfaces." The book shows how Jazz works in practice with examples that illustrate how a requirement can be linked to work-items, source code change-sets and tests. Products covered are: Team Concert, Requirements Composer and Quality Manager.

Scaling Agile with C/ALM also explains how Open Services for Life-cycle Collaboration (OSLC) fits into the picture. The OSLC project is working to standardize the RESTful interfaces needed to integrate development tools. Once vendors adopt these interfaces, it will be much easier to mix and match For example, if Atlassian JIRA supported OSLC, you could use it instead of Team Concert's built-in issue tracking.

See also: Ask Jazz Technical Lead Erich Gamma.


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