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Today, I've got a couple of additions to my powered-by-Roller list: More about the opening of the Social Networking platforms of the world: And some more about the intersection of corporate interests and community open source:
  • InfoWorld: Open source and the corporate elephant (FOSS.IN coverage)
    Danese Cooper: "Having a well-read blog is the best defense you can have against any problems you may encounter"
  • eWeek: Sun Open-Source Support Questioned
    "The only reason anyone should be surprised by anything Sun does with [the open-source projects] it controls is because that person has fundamentally created an expectation that access to source code meant more than just that—and that is a flawed assumption."
  • Reg Developer: Bruce Perens on the OpenDS spat
    "In general open source is only going to work if you let it be a community led project. Sun has had a hard time learning this, and some of their open source projects have had a hard time getting outside contributors, because Sun has insisted on owning the [project]"

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