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iPhone vs. MS Exchange

Wall Street Journal on the iPhone: "Incompatible technology has become an increasing problem for businesses as hand-held email and phone devices are evolving into minicomputers that can do such things as download music, take pictures and surf the Web."

Surprise surprise. Incompatible technology is a problem for people who choose non-standard crap like Exchange.

John Gruber responds: Apple’s answer to the enterprise “problem” isn’t to kowtow to the Microsoft Exchange hegemony; it’s to point in the opposite direction, and show how much better things can be with open industry protocols like IMAP and CalDAV and with simple web-based solutions.

Like many successful revolutions, this one might come from the bottom.

Viva la revolucion! 

Via Rafe Colburn and Slashdot


Like IMAP is the protocol of protocols. Its slow and most of the server implementations suck. :-) We need a better email protocol. Someone should create a RESTful one. Possibly based on APP?

Posted by Dan Diephouse on June 21, 2007 at 01:12 AM EDT #

IMAP is a standard, but it lacks performance and features that we have all gotten used to. The goal should be better communication, and not this is standard or not. If MS, Apple, Lotus, or whoever creates a communication system that is useful and easy, and becomes a major player in industry, such as exchange, I would call that a standard, and new applications or devices should work with it. Saying "IMAP is a standard and everyone should use standards" is a great, that makes life easy. But the Horse and buggy were a standard, and we went to automobiles. Lets take Microsoft out of the argument... what happened to 3G in the iPhone? come on! edge ?!?!? That is a serious flaw, and 3G is a standard! its faster and better, while not available everywhere, its backward compatible! Give me a break. Conclusion: iPhone is really cool, and I think apple has opened a door to better mobile communication. However it will not be the leader once another company realeases the same thing with Exchange and 3G support. I think that iPhone will become a great phone for personal use, however businesses should stay away from it if they like features (such as sync'ing your calendar with Corporate HQ for backup) that businesses have grown acustom to.

Posted by Robert on July 01, 2007 at 05:28 PM EDT #

I agree with Dan. For me, as much as I can tell without living with the device first, my life would become less convenient if I switch to the iphone. Currently I utilize the sync'ing and other functions related to MS Exchange because of my own previous decisions as well as my company's mode of operations (which are all "daily" usages). Functions like video and internet the iphone seems to improve on, for a mobile phone, are all nice but would only be sporadic needs for me (e.g. travelling).

Posted by Greg on July 02, 2007 at 04:10 PM EDT #

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