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Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) plugin for Confluence

I found it via Joe Gregorio's blog, followed the link to the plugin homepage and the link to the source code and saw that it's powered by ROME Propono. I haven't tried the plugin myself yet, but it appears that it allows you to create, retrieve, update and delete Confluence wiki pages via the APP. Very cool!

And from the author himself:

Zohar Melamed: Just released an APP plugin for confluence. The code is based on code from Propono, so a thank you goes to the ROME guys. The protocol is great to work with , all you need to debug and test is wget or similar and it worked right off the bat with Joe's APP Test Client. Looking forward to many more happy atom hours. 

Oh, and by the way: ROME Propono is included in Sun Web Developer Pack (SWDP) R2, which was just released last week.


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