Ag 0.2.

The other day, I posted a new version of my Ag persistence example on SourceForge for download. This new version includes the HSQLDB database and is a lot easier to install and run than before.

Roller update.

I just commited to the Roller 0.9.6 CVS branch a series of changes that should improve the performance of the Roller main page (index.jsp) by making better use of OSCache page caching. I hope that FreeRoller will put these changes in place, because the FreeRoller main page is VERY SLOW! Assuming that the changes work well, I'll label and release Roller on SourceForge sometime next week.

As you may have noticed, Roller 0.9.7 development has been put on the back burner. At the moment, Matt, Lance, and I are all too involved in other side projects to do any significant work on Roller. I'll probably get back into Roller development around Christmas time with some enhancements to Roller's referer tracking.

40 foot garland.

Thanks to the "ice storm of the century" we now have a 40 foot long and 3 foot tall Christmas garland of cedar, holly, and magnolia clippings (and logs) lining the curb in front of our house.

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