I should have mentioned Lance's ignoreHosts setting. He used it to blacklist the two spammers we had this morning.

Spam via Referer log.

I've read about it and now I've experienced it myself. I got hit by nasty referer log porn spam today. I just checked a couple blogs over at FreeRoller and they got hit by the very same thing.

I guess I need to get busy again. I'm working on a fix for referer spam in Roller 0.9.7. Roller will check the validity of each referer ensuring that the refering page exists and that it contains a referering link. Roller will also have the ability to ignore URLs that contains certain key words.

UPDATE: today's spam is coming in from a site called voodoomachine and another site whose name is a just little too nasty to mention. It does not appear to be a one time thing, the hits are still coming in from the spam machine. What a drag. If this continues throughout the day, I'll be taking the referer log off of my page template. What a drag.

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