Roller 0.9.7 and beyond.

Lance checked in support for Weblog Entry Comments and has comments up and running on his site. I've started working on referer trackback for Roller 0.9.7, but apart from that, I'm not sure what is next.

There are lots of little problems with Roller's UI, lots of room for improvements, and lots of missing weblogging features. Make sure the issues that are bugging you get into Roller's JIRA issue tracker. Look at the list of issues that are not yet assigned to a release and vote on the ones that are most important to you. You can also view the currently most popular issues.

FreeRoller bitten?

Looks like FreeRoller may have been bitten by the OutOfMemory bug. I'm looking for possible leaks and experimenting with ways to reduce per-session memory use.

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