Russell's dot-net rants

Russell said some pretty nice things about Dot-Net in his most recent anti-Microsoft rant, take a look:

  • I've got some old coworkers and blog pals who are doing some really cool stuff with Dot-Net
  • Many of the dumb ass things in Java have been fixed [by Dot-Net]
  • [Dot-Net] means that you can program in any "language" that you want
  • [Dot-Net Studio] is still the best IDE there is
  • [Dot-Net's] WindowsForms kicks Swing's ass
  • In as little as 4 or 5 years, Java could be a niche language like COBOL
  • [The Dot-Net] CLR is going to be faster on M$OSes than the JVM

This sounds like a pretty bad situation for us Java advocates. Versions of our favorite open source Java tools are being ported to C#. The GNOME folks are working feverishly to port C# and the CLR to UNIX. To top it all, the chairman of our revered Jakarta Project is a Dot-Net blogger.

My thoughts on this? Nobody knows who what technologies will win out in the short term or in the long term so my advice to you is: hedge your bets.

Andy Oliver's J2EE Shootout Summary

After reviewing the video of the Triangle JUG's J2EE Container Shootout, Andy Oliver has posted his summary. Andy's summary of the shootout is much more detailed than the one I posted last month. He has written up five of the questions so far and promises to get to the rest soon.

Does it get more obvious than this?

Like Dominic, I have no idea what "Greenbaum" means. So Rickard, please dumb-down your sniper conspiracy theory a little so that us under-educated Americans can understand it.

Ignoring referers

Roller 0.9.6's referer tracker already ignored hits from pages in the same weblog, now Lance has added an ignoreHosts option so that a Roller admin can configure Roller to ignore hits from different hosts. That is cool, but I want a little mre control over what should be ignored. For example, I got hits today from file://<some file path>/penis.htm today. Ouch!

I think the Roller referer tracker needs a both ignoreStartsWith and ignoreContaining parameters (each being a list). You could use ignoreStartsWith to ignore hits from your own host, other hosts, and from protocols such as file: or mailto:. You could use ignoreContaining to ignore hits coming in from URLs containing certain keywords.

Searching on ignoring referers I found an interesting post from Mark Pilgrim about an old Manila bug and the importance of properly escaping HTML displayed from referers. I think I need to address this issue in both the Roller Editor UI and macros.showReferers().

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