Better database support

Lance Lavandowska and Simon Stewart have been working on making Roller compatible with PostgreSQL and HSQL-DB. Their changes are now in Roller's CVS, Roller now works with those databases, and the Roller build process now generates database create scripts for PostgreSQL, HSQL-DB, and MySQL databases. Thanks guys! I think we are just about ready for Roller 0.9.5.

18 new Netbeans modules

eWeek reports that Sun will be adding 18 new modules to the open source Netbeans IDE. I wonder what they are doing for Struts support.

Among the 18 new modules is one that features support for Java Data Objects, which is a Java technology for mapping entities in relational databases to Java objects. Another is a module for Java 3D support. And a third is support for the Apache Struts framework, which is a technology built on top of JavaServer Pages that enhances productivity for Web application developers, the company said. Other modules include a Support Interface Module, a BugSubmitter module, an audit module for defining best practices, a metrics module for analyzing source code, and an XTest module for providing performance and API compatibility tests.

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