All those hits

I noticed a large number of hits coming into my site yesterday morning and again this afternoon. After taking a good look at my logs, I figured out that the surge was coming from a local software company where a friend of mine works on network management and monitoring software. Turns out, my friend was testing against my site and artificially inflating my numbers. This explains why I was temporarily more popular than Ray Ozzie and running neck and neck with Mike who had a link from Winer yesterday.

GPL licensing quiz

I took the GPL licensing quiz and only got 6 of 9 correct. Like Joe Gregorio, I'm pretty leary of the GPL. I think GPL/LGPL has its place, but as a developer and consumer of open source software I prefer to have fewer restrictions on my freedom. I guess that makes me a naive sucker ripe for corporate exploitation and/or a corporate parasite who wants to steal your code. [Found via Bitworking].

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