Russell Beattie has released SimpleWeb, an open source Wiki written in Java.

I've browsed Russell's MiniBlog code and the code for SimpleWeb. I don't really like lots of Java code in JSP pages and there are very few comments in his code, but there is something special about Russell's style. Russell calls it his keep-it-simple, just-to-get-it-done style. He keeps dependencies to an absolute minimum, uses the power of JSP code-on-page to his advantage, and writes code in a clear and easy to follow style. Even if you don't use MiniBlog or SimpleWeb, they are nice code examples to have on hand.

Relay-IRC plugin for IDEA

Hey!, that is my Relay-IRC client running inside the IntelliJ IDEA IDE. What the hell is going on! Here is a screenshot on Mike Cannon-Brooks' site.

The write-up on the IntelliJ site is correct, Relay-IRC is one of those ghost projects. I had so little feedback on Relay-IRC that I eventually lost interest myself. If you are interested in working on (or even taking over) Relay-IRC please let me know.

The O'Reilly Struts book, by Chuck Cavaness

O'Reilly Struts book I've been using the review copy that was posted on The Server Side for quite some time. From what I've seen, this book is going to be a valuable resource for both Struts newbies and veterans.

Rickard is rolling

Looking at the list of Roller users on Anthony Eden's Roller-based site, you can see that XDoclet, WebWork, and JBoss guru Rickard Öberg has a Roller-based blog. Coolio!

XDoclet and Struts 1.1

Matt is finding that the current release of Xdoclet can't handle the new Struts 1.1-beta features. Since we are trying to use some of those cool new features, Roller will probably be riding on Struts nightlies and XDoclet CVS builds for a while.

Matt also tracked down some mailing-list emails that indicate that both Struts 1.1 and the next release of XDoclet should be coming in the next month or so.

Sun Linux 5.0

It is the first Sun system to feature the company's own enterprise-ready Linux operating system, known as Sun Linux 5.0, which is based on the 2.4 kernel and optimized for a 32-bit x86 system. eWeek: Sun to Ship Solaris 9 for Intel Servers

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