I found Russell's NoteBook via my referrers. His blog is powered by MiniBlog - which I'm guessing he wrote himself (?). It's a fairly full features blog application written in a single JSP file. It's not going to win any architecture prizes (an 800 line, single file JSP?) but it's cool none-the-less. Mike comments on Russell Beattie's MiniBlog
If you want a server-side Java-based blogger and you think Roller is over-architected and bloated, try MiniBlog. It is pretty amazing (and a little scary) what you can do with one JSP file.

Better writings

If you want to read some fresh (and very funny) writing on the tired open source vs. the software industry topic take a look at Bruce Sterling's Contrarian View of Open Source. Also, Joel Spolski's Strategy Letter V is excellent (but not funny).

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