Get used to it, III

I like Mike's response to my get used to it rant. I agree that open source (and the term open source itself) came to prominence during the dot-com times. But I like to think of open source as a way to license software and a way to share rather than a movement or a crusade to destroy capitalism in the software market. Sometimes I get the feeling that is what Dave thinks it is.

Also, I'm not sure open source is really eating Dave's lunch. He is competing with other blogging services and with content management vendors more than other blogging software packages. And, he has a easy and complete solution - you can be blogging in 5 minutes time and have a site for $39/year.

Get used to it, II

So, potentially you could make an argument that the open source thing is just screwing up all the revenue models and we aren't getting the advertising, because it isn't the best technology that always wins, it's who advertises more ... And in fact Bill Gates may be sitting up there laughing his butt off because the open source community is cutting the legs out from under all the R&D and promotion efforts of all the open interface strategies -- not open implementation, but open interface strategies. Scott McNealy, Interview excerpt in Open Enterprise Trends via Sam Ruby and Ugo Cei.  There is also a Server Side thread on this topic.   
Just what we need: inferior techology and more advertising. Thanks Scott. Open source Java  developers are not going to be goose-stepping along with the suits in Sun's and BEA's marketing department. Get used to it, open source is not going away - in fact it may be Java's only hope.

Castor release date set

The date of the next Castor release has been officially set for Monday, August 12th. We are currently in a code-freeze - Keith Visco on the castor-dev mailing list.

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