Roller status

I'm still working on bookmark import and related Roller enhancements. I'm almost done, but I probably won't be making a release in the next week because I'll be on vacation.

Today, I upgraded to Ant 1.5, Velocity 1.3, and Struts 1.1b1. Everything went smoothly, but I found that the Jakarta Commons jars that came with the Struts 1.1b1 release caused problems with Tomcat connection pooling. I don't have time to investigate this now, so I'm sticking with the old commons jars (which the Roller install places in $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib) for the time being. There are a lot of new jars, so be prepared for a big download if you do a CVS update.

Roller Weblogger Brings it Together

I went to download Velocity 1.3 and was pleased to find Roller featured prominently on the Velocity website. Thanks!

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