Lulu or just loco?

I did not know that Bob Young had left RedHat to form a new company called Lulu. And, I have never heard of a 5-ring technology circus before. Lulu's tech circus concept was inspired by BASSmasters. I kid you not. I'm still waiting for a new company inspired by the BASS-o-MATIC concept. The first Tech Circus takes places here in Raleigh, September 27-29.

Here's to the complainers

One thing I have learned from working on open source projects is that most people don't complain. Most people don't have time to write up an email note or a bug report when they notice a missing build script, or a broken image link in a user-guide. And furthermore, most people just give up when they try to build or use your software and recieve a error message.

As Mike Cannon-Brooks once told me, if you want people to use your software you've got to make things as easy as possible - drop dead simple. Little bugs in the build script or installer can be fatal. This is why complainers, the folks who really care enough to complain, are a wonderful thing. So if you like to bitch and whine about every little thing, here's to you.

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