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Almost two years ago at XMLOne in San Jose, I publicly predicted that schema repositories were going to fail. Now I get to say, "I told you so." Microsoft's BizTalk is closing its doors one week from today. Elliote Rusty Harold, Cafe au Lait - July 12, 2002

Poor Obfuscation Implementation.

Tonight at the TriJUG meeting, Andrew Oliver gave an interesting talk on what initially seemed to me to be a boring topic - reading and writing OLE2 Compound Document Format, Excel, and Word documents from Java. He was talking about the Poor Obfuscation Implementation (POI) project. The talk was good because Andrew is a good speaker and because he included a nice introduction to Cocoon in his presentation.

Open source Java persistence frameworks.

I know about Castor and Torque, but I need learn about Object Relational Bridge, OFBiz Entity Engine, Hibernate, JGrinder, JRelationalFramework, and Abra. Maybe I should just skip all that and go straight to Sun's JDO - it is going to rule the roost, right?

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