Don's romantic evening with J#

I have to admit that when I heard about J#, I was massively skeptical. After spending an evening with it, I have to admit that it appeals pretty deeply to the subversive in me. The thought of running Ant, Xerces, or Tomcat under the CLR is pretty interesting. Don Box
How is Don going to run Ant, Xerces, and Tomcat under the CLR? All of those things require Java 2, but Microsoft's Java VM is still stuck on JDK 1.1.4 - isn't it? I think he has his beer goggles on. And another thing: did he "probe every corner and alcove" of Stephanie or Visual J#.Net? That article is really creeping me out!

XDoclet moving to Velocity

As Jeff has correctly pointed out, XDoclet will start on a major refactoring to Velocity after the next release (in a month or so we hope). XDoclet 1.1.2 has 17000 downloads and many contributors. vDoclet is the third tool in its category (EJBGen, XDoclet and vDoclet). My question is: Do we need another one? Aslak Hellesoy from the Velocity mail list
Aslak is encouraging the VDoclet team (a team of 1?) to join forces with the XDoclet team. XDoclet is preparing to drop the weird XML templates and adopt Velocity as it's templating language. That is great news. Those XML templates are butt ugly.

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