Spotted JState

Spotted JState which looks interesting. It could be useful when putting together an open source workflow system. James Strachan
JState does look nice. JState is currently at Revision 0.2.1 and licensed under the LGPL.

Without a net

Sometimes you just won't feel like writing tests, especially at first. Don't. However, pay attention to how much more trouble you get into, how much more time you spend debugging, and how much more stress you feel when you don't have tests. We have been amazed at how much more fun programming is and how much more aggressive we are willing to be and how much less stress we feel when we are supported by tests. The difference is dramatic enough to keep us writing tests even when we don't feel like it. JUnitTest Infected : Programmers Love Writing Tests

I really like this idea of using unit tests as a safety net for development, so I guess I need to learn more about JUnit and the Extreme Programming ideas behind it. Up until now, Roller development was done without a net.

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