Redhat does J2EE

Red Hat CMS [Content Management System] is delivered with the source code and is J2EE compliant, allowing easy extensibility and customization of the implementation by Red Hat, or by the organization's own developers.
Excellent! I'll add that to my list of open source Java CMS sofware. The license sure looks like open source. Via BeBlogging via Rebelutionary via

Leo Michael Johnson

Baby Leo
I'm very happy to announce the birth of Leo Michael Johnson - our third son. Leo was born at 1:45pm on Friday June 21, 2002, weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces, and measured 22 inches long. Leo will join the Roller project as the VP of Human Resources and has already started a major new personnel initiative. He wants to push back project schedules across the board so that all Roller team members can enjoy more family time. He has my full support!

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